OCX 40.20

Oedometer Cell / Consolidation Cell with "fixed" Ring,
for Conslolidation Testing (Unidimensional Compression Tests) acc. DIN EN ISO 17892-5 and DIN 18135

The OCX40.20 oedometer cell is made of stainless steel and can be easily dismantled into its individual components. The robust construction ensures a long service life and enables efficient cleaning.

The sample is loaded via the upper pressure plate and is optionally possible with or without a ball (direct loading). The sample can be watered through the watering openings in the pressure plate or alternatively through the upper hose connection.
The lower filter stone can also be rinsed through and saturated via 2 additional hose connections in the base. During the test these connections serve to drain off the pore water.

The integrated sample ring with cutting edge enables easy cutting out of cohesive samples as well as uncomplicated installation in the cell.

Sample diameter: 
71,4 mm
Sample area: 
40 cm²
Sample height: 
20 mm
other sizes on request
stainless steel
Filter disc: 
stainless steel (sintered)
approx. 3,8 kg