Pressure- and volume-flow-machine - EPD2000

Using in triaxial applications,
in saturation and consolidation systems,
performing permeability tests

The electromechanical pressure generator EPD2000 can be integrated into a wide range of test systems in which pressures have to be precisely regulated, volumes have to flow over a certain time or pressures and volumes have to be measured.

The main areas of application are the generation of cell pressure and pore water pressure in triaxial tests, the indirect measurement of the change in sample volume in triaxial systems, and pressure generation and volume measurement in permeability systems.

The pressure generator works on the plunger principle and displaces a volume of 1000 ml without refilling the device. The volume measurement is performed by the measurement of the piston movement and correction by the stress-strain curve of the completely hydraulic system. The stress-strain curve will be automatically recorded and saved by the EPD2000 themselves. The pressure measurement can be done by the built-in transducer or with an external pressure transducer e.g. directly on the sample (triaxial cell).

The reference value for the pressure or flow rate is given by touch screen or by the connected PC with the software GeoDESC.


  • intuitive operation and easy handling with 4,3” touch screen with separate function keys and haptics
  • manually controllable via splash-proof membrane keyboard e.g. for emptying and filling the measuring device; all current setpoint and measured values are displayed on the touch screen
  • serial interface for PC-controlled testing with data logging
  • controlled electromechanical precision drive
  • realization of static pressure steps or a free controllable pressure changing rate per time unit; displaying the inflow or outflow water volume
  • recording the stress-strain curve to consider the elasticity of the test equipment on volume measuring
  • realization of a free controllable flow rate [cm³/min] in positive and negative flow direction
  • realize a constant volume on a connected system

available accessories:

  • device stands for single applications or as a double stand (e.g. for triaxial systems)
maximum pressure: 
20 bar (EPD2000-20)
16 bar (EPD2000-16)
10 bar (EPD2000-10)
pressure gauge: 
0 .. 2000 kPa in Stufen von 1 kPa
volume measurement: 
0 .. 1000,00 ml in Stufen von 0,01 ml
controlled volume flow: 
-10,0 .. +10,0 ml/min
resolution pressure control: 
1 kPa
accuracy pressure meas.: 
0,2 % FRO
pressure connection: 
2 x Schnellverschlusskupplung NW5
power supply: 
230 V AC, 50 Hz
dimensions pressure cylinder: 
120 x 120 x 1100 mm (L x W x H)
dimensions control unit: 
330 x 255 x 155 mm (L x W x H)
weight (empty): 
24 kg