GPC - Protocol Converter

Protocol Converter for integration of testing machines in the software GeoDESC

The GPC allows the use of the software "GeoDESC" in association with test equipment of other manufacturer which communicate via COM interface (RS232).

GeoDESC is the current standard software for monitoring and controlling of test equipment and supports an online-interface (OLE) to MS-Excel.

This enables the user to use existing test-equipment combined with a modern PC, operating system and application software for controlling and analysis. For this, Geomation GmbH offers different analysis software (based on MS-Excel) especially for soil testing like compression-, unidimensional-, triaxial- and direct shear tests.

The GPC must be installed between PC and existing test-equipment. It replace the existing communication cable.

already available for:

  • uniaxial testing machines
  • consolidation machines
  • direct shear machines
  • large direct shear machines
  • vane tester
dimensions (LxDxH): 
50 x 35 x 20 mm
function indication: 
4 x LED
2 x RS232 Sub-D 9-pole
power supply: 
230 V AC, 50 Hz; external power supply