UP.KIT - Modernization of Load Frames

Older testing machines can be adapted to current standards by modernizing them. It also offers a cost-effective alternative to maintaining the machine.

The pictures show an example of the conversion of a test machine (type UP100, manufacturer GIESA).

The modernization / conversion is e.g. possible for the following devices:

  • Load Frame UP25 (manufacturer GIESA)
  • Load Frame UP100 (manufacturer GIESA)
  • Compression device PP5 (manufacturer GIESA)
  • Further devices on request

With these device types, the load frame with housing, ball screw and if possible the gearbox and sensors are retained. The following components are replaced:

  • Control electronics with control display and power supply
  • Stepper motor with driver
  • Flange for mounting the new drive (depending on the device)
  • Communication interface

The new controller is recognized by the GeoDESC PC software and enables to use the modernized device in a wide scope of test procedures.

Characteristics after modernization:

  • Testing machine for carrying out speed-controlled tests, e.g. Uniaxial tests, Unconfined compression tests  and CBR-tests
  • expandable for performing Consolidation tests (odometer and swelling tests) and Triaxial tests
  • precision drive for closed-loop load-, displacement- and speed-controlled testing
  • intuitive operation and easy handling with 4,3” touch screen with separate function keys and haptics
  • high speed multi-core-system with bus coupling and high resolution closed-loop controller with 1 ms sampling time
  • precise settlement measurement with digital dial gauge, resolution 10 µm and 1 µm
  • electronic load and stroke limitation to prevent sensor damages
  • manual adjustment of the thrust plate / upper traverse
  • changeable load sensors with automatic detection of the measurement range to adapt different test parameters
  • measurement of a external analog signal (e.g. pore pressure or temrature sensors)
  • serial interface for PC-controlled testing with data logging; cyclic measurement data logging, displaying and transfering to Microsoft EXCEL for advanced evaluation purposes
Device specific, we will be happy to advise you!