Shear Box SSD5

for upgrading any load frame to a shear device,
Direct Shear Tests acc. DIN 18137-3, Cyclic Shear tests (WIENER), Simple-Shear-Tests acc. ASTM D6528-07

The SSD5 shear box is an additional laboratory device for upgrading any loading equipment and test presses to a direct shear device. The shear box is placed in the center of the load frame in the same way as an oedometer or triaxial cell. The electronically controlled drive is supplied by external electronics, which contain the entire data acquisition with PC interface for the measured shear force, the shear path and the settlement.

All parts of the shear box that come into contact with the soil sample and water are made entirely of stainless steel. The supplied accessories enable precise sample installation in just a few simple steps. In addition to standard shear frames for direct shear tests, a simple shear box is available.

From our product range, the load frames ELS25 and ELS50 are particularly suitable for use with the SSD5 shear box. In both cases, a full-fledged direct shear device can be set up. The test-dependent control and coordination of the horizontal and vertical axes is carried out by the PC software GeoDESC.


  • Intuitive operation and easy handling with 4,3” touch screen with separate function keys and haptics
  • high speed multi-core-system with bus coupling, control loop with 1 ms sampling time
  • precision electromechanical drive for generating the horizontal shear stress
  • very compact design with separate guide bars in the shear box; high stiffness frame (free of tilting)
  • Rugged construction, all parts of the device that come into contact with water or the soil sample are made of stainless steel, including the filter stones
  • horizontal parallel guided lower shear box and a vertical parallel guided upper shear box designed as "floating" guidance; both with low-friction bearings
  • vertical parallel guided load piston (free of tilting)
  • testing with load independent shear rates
  • testing with constant volume conditions / dilatancy-free testing
  • continuously adjustment of the shear gap after consolidation, tilt-free, possibility to fix the shear gap (reducing of the gap during testing is blocked)
  • measurement of a external analog signal (e.g. pore pressure sensor)
  • serial interface for PC-controlled testing with data logging; cyclic measurement data logging, displaying and transfering to Microsoft EXCEL for advanced evaluation purposes

Recommended Accessories:

  • accessories for sample preparation
  • standard shear box dimensions:
    5,0 cm² (circular, Ø = 25,4 mm)
    36 cm² (60 x 60 mm)
    40 cm² (circular, Ø = 71,4 mm)
    50 cm² (circula, Ø = 79,8 mm)
    70 cm² (circula, Ø = 94,4 mm)
    100 cm² (100 x 100 mm)
    special sizes on request
  • Simple-Shear-Box with accessories for sample preparation, circular Ø = 94,4 mm (70 cm²)
maximum normal force: 
10 kN (from a separate load frame)
maximum shear force: 
5 kN
shear rate: 
0 .. 10 mm/min (in steps of 0,1 µm/min)
maximum shear distance: 
30 mm
power supply: 
230 V AC, 50 Hz
dimensions (WxDxH): 
shear box: 280 x 430 x 460 mm
electronic box: 255 x 330 x 155 mm (B x T x H)
approx. 37 kg (shear box)
approx. 4,5 kg (electronic box)