PLSx - Consolidation Machine

Unidimensional compression tests acc. DIN EN ISO 17892-5 (formerly DIN 18135)
Oedometer- and swelling test

Standards: DIN EN ISO 17892-5 • DIN 18135 • ASTM D 2435 / 4546 • BS 1377

The Oedometer PLSx is a compact laboratory device for unidimensional compression testing and swelling tests according DIN 18135. It can be easily installed on a bench.

The automatic consolidation machine PLSx can be delivered in three versions: as PLS5 with a maximum load up to 5 kN,  as PLS10 with 10 kN in maximum and as PLS16 with a maximum load up to 16 kN. The customer can choose this to provide the optimal measuring range. With a standard consolidation cell with 40cm² sample area (Ø 71,4 mm) the device generates an normal stress up to 1250 kN/m² (PLS5), 2500 kN/m² (PLS 10) and 4000 kN/m² with the PLS16.


  • high-precision settlement measuring with digital dial gauge (resolution 1µm)
  • automatic detection of the sample contact
  • settlement measurements from sample contact or beginning from start (for detection of the initial settlement)
  • manual adjustment of the thrust plate
  • serial interface for PC-controlled testing with data logging; cyclic measurement data logging, displaying and transfering to Microsoft EXCEL for advanced evaluation purposes


5 kN (PLS5)
option: 10 kN (PLS10) and 16 kN (PLS16)
drive system: 
settlement measuring: 
12,5 mm, resolution 1 µm (with digital dial indicator)
system pressure: 
3,5 bar (PLS5); 5 bar (PLS10); 8 bar (PLS16)
normal stress: 
PLS5: 1250 kN/m² (with 40 cm² sample area)
PLS10: 2500 kN/m² (with 40 cm² sample area)
PLS16: 4000 kN/m² (with 40 cm² sample area)
movment range: 
50 mm
sample compartment: 
220 x 85 x 220 mm (W x H x L)
powerr supply: 
90 .. 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
350 x 350 x 550 mm (W x D x H)
approx. 33,5 kg