HLS100 - Hydraulic Load Frame

Uniaxial testing, CBR-tests and Marshall-tests

Standards: DIN EN ISO 17892-7 • EN 13286-47 • TP BF-StB Part B 7.1 • DIN 1996-11

The Load Frame HLS100 is designed for speed-controlled testing. With the hydraulic engine this laboratory device is particulary suited for soil analysis on brittle materials.

The high precision load cell is measuring the load directly on the upper side of the specimen. For the settlement measuring an external digital dial gauge with 1µm resolution is used. So the traverse path is determined also on the upper side of the soil sample and is used for closed loop speed-controlling. With this measuring principle all deformations of the frame were compensated and the specimen can be loaded with the specified feed rate.

The operation panel with touch-screen and separate function keys with haptics offers a intuitive and easy handling. The panel shows all measured values and gives an overview of the general operating status.

For controlling and data recording, the device is connected via RS232-interface with a standard computer. The Software GeoDESC is managing the data exchange between testing machine and computer. GeoDESC is logging all measured and given values in a database. The software provides an online interface to MS EXCEL® for standardized and customized test procedures. This offers a free testing programming (using MS VBA®) and fully automatic and flexible testing procedures.
Next to the logged data in the GeoDESC-database and the EXCEL test procedures there is an option for online ASCII-export during testing.

The hydraulic load frames type HLS are compact laboratory test machines with a full integrated hydraulic unit. This allows to set up the HLS100 without additional space requirements of an external hydraulic unit in the laboratory.


  • precision hydraulic drive for closed-loop speed-controlled testing optimized for uniaxial testing acc. DIN EN 17892-7, CBR-tests acc. DIN EN 13286-47 and  TP BF-StB Part B 7.1
  • very compact design, the hydraulic unit is integrated in the press housing
  • very rugged and functional construction
  • intuitive operation and easy handling with 4,3” touch screen with separate function keys and haptics
  • changeable load sensors with automatic detection of the measurement range to adapt different test parameters
  • manual adjustment of the thrust plate
  • electronic load and stroke limitation to prevent sensor damages
  • internal temperature measurement and monitoring
  • serial interface for PC-controlled testing with data logging; cyclic measurement data logging, displaying and transfering to Microsoft EXCEL for advanced evaluation purposes
  • OPTIONAL: data transfer via network interface / LAN (RJ45)
  • ready for 230 Volt connection, no three-phase current required


  • direct measurement with a load sensor on the upper side of the sample
  • automated detection of sample contact and taring the settlement (with digital dial gauge)
  • safety housing for access and shatter protection
maximum load: 
100 kN (compression)
drive system: 
maximum traverse distance: 
140 mm
maximum sample area: 
350 x 400 mm (WxH)
settlement measurement: 
max. 60 mm, resolution 1 µm (depending on dial gauge)
test speed: 
0,1 .. 10 mm/min
adjustment speed: 
± 100 mm/min
power supply: 
230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
dimensions (WxDxH): 
550 x 500 x 1750 mm
approx. 200 kg