FDRx - Filterdruckregler

FDRx -Filter pressure regulator with condensate separator

The filter pressure regulators FDRx are reversible pressure regulators (with secondary ventilation) and additional filtering using the centrifugal principle and sintered filters. The handwheel on the pressure regulator can be locked by pressing it down. The condensate drainage works semi-automatically: as soon as the inlet pressure falls below the minimum inlet pressure, the drain valve opens automatically. Tightening the drain plug can prevent the semi-automatic drain valve opening.

Inlet pressure: 
up to 16 bar
Control range: 
0,2 .. 6 bar (FDR6); 0,2 .. 10 bar (FDR10)
Filter pore size: 
< 40 µm
Air consumption: 
Condensate tank: 
Condensate drainage: 
Compressed air, neutral gases