ESD60.60 - Large Shear Box Device

Direct Shear Testing, Cyclic Shear Tests, Pull-out Tests with geosynthetics, Determination of shear strength and friction behavior of different materials

Standards: DIN EN ISO 17892-10 (formerly DIN 18137-3) • DIN EN ISO 12597-1 • DIN 60009 • ASTM 06243 • BS 1377-7

The large shear box device ESD60.60 is used to determine gravel, soil and geotextiles with force and displacement-controlled tests. This includes direct shear tests in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17892-10 (e.g.) and in conjunction with geotextiles tests in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12597-1. With appropriate accessories, pull-out tests with geotextiles and geogrids according to DIN 60009 can be realized.
The load / normal stress is generated electropneumatically in this special apparatus. The shear drive is designed electromechanically.


  • intuitive operation and easy handling with 4,3” touch screen with separate function keys and haptics
  • high speed multi-core-system with bus coupling, each drive unit (e.g. horizontal and vertical gear) using it's own high resolution closed-loop controller with 1 ms sampling time
  • regulated electropneumatic precision drive for generating the normal stress in the shear gap, precisely regulated via 4 load sensors (control deviation <0.5k N/m² from 5 kN/m² over the entire load range)
  • regulated electromechanical drive to generate the horizontal shear stress
  • vertically guided, tilt-free upper shear frame thanks to double roller bearing guide (in standard version); optional: upper shear frame with self-aligning bearing, allows the upper shear frame to be tilted
  • water box for flooding / saturation the sample
  • frictional connection between normal stress generation an upper shear frame to compensate for wall friction in the upper shear frame; the normal stress in the shear gap is measured and regulated
  • Shear tests can be realized with a fixed shear gap or with a minimum shear gap (due to the vertically movable upper shear frame)
  • carrying out shear tests with either a constant or variable shear area
  • automatische Scherflächenkorrektur vom Nutzer aktivierbar
  • precise settlement and shear path measurement with digital dial gauge, resolution 1 µm
  • serial interface for PC-controlled testing with data logging using a standard-PC with the software GeoDESC, optional with Ethernet-interface
  • cyclical recording and displaying of all measured values in the GeoDESC program after the start of the test and transfering the data to Microsoft EXCEL for extended evaluation and display purposes during the test
  • online changing of all test parameters during the test procedure at any time
  • automatic limitation of the load, pressure and external Sensors
  • manual adjustment of the shear box

Options (additional accessories requiered):

  • pull-out-tests according DIN 60009
  • friction tests


  • sample preparing accessories
  • Shear box reductions to 225 x 225 mm and 160 x 160 mm
  • Digital displacement sensors / dial gauges
  • laboratory compressor
  • compressed air regulator with filter
shear box: 
300 x 300 x 200 mm (W x D x H)
1700 x 900 x 1500 mm (Lx W x H)
shear gap: 
adjustable from 0 to 35 mm
approc. 500 kg
power supply: 
230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
operating pressure: 
12 bar, quick release plug NW5
max. shear force: 
60 kN
shear rate: 
0,001 .. 50 mm/min
"infinitely" slow due to position control in the shear box
max. shear path: 
100 mm
sample area: 
900 cm²
max. load: 
60 kN (4 x 15 kN)
max. normal stress: 
620 kN/m²
smallest controllable normal stress: 
5 kN/m² (with shear box 300 x 300 mm)
drive system: 
electropneumatic load, electromechanical shear force generation