ESD5.2 - Direct Shear Device

Direct Shear Testing
also adaptable for Unidimensional Compression Tests (Consolidation Tests)

Standards: DIN EN ISO 17892-10 (formerly DIN 18137-3) • DIN EN ISO 17892-5

The compact apparatus typ ESD5.2 is a laboratory tabletop device for performing direct shear tests according different standards such as ISO 17892-10. The shear axis is equipped with an electromechanical precision drive for speed-controlled experiments. The load / normal stress is generated electropneumatically (compressed air connection necessary!) by the tabletop-consolidation machine PLS5. The integration of the control electronics of the shear box and load frame in a tabletop housing made it possible to set up this space-saving shear device.

The shear cell is very robust and made of stainless steel entirely. The sample can be installed in a few simple steps. The lower shear frame is guided horizontally, the upper shear frame is guided vertically. The shear gap can be continuously adjusted from 0 mm to a maximum of 2 mm.


  • regulated electropneumatic drive for normal stress generation
  • regulated electromechanical drive for generating the horizontal shear stress with integrated shear path measurement
  • high speed multi-core-system with bus coupling, each drive unit (horizontal and vertical drive) using it's own high resolution closed-loop controller with 1 ms sampling time
  • robust construction, all water or soil-contacting parts are made of stainless steel, including the filter stones
  • very compact design with a high stiffness frame
  • horizontal low-friction guided lower shear frame and vertical low-friction guided upper shear frame
  • shear test with constant volume (free of dilatancy) possible
  • stepless adjustment (between 0 and 2 mm) and fixation of the shear gap after consolidation process
  • serial interface for PC-controlled testing with data logging using a standard-PC with the software GeoDESC

available Accessories:

  • shear frames: Ø 71,4 mm; Ø 56,4 mm; □ 60 x 60 mm
  • laboratory compressor
  • compressed air regulator with filter
  • oedometer cells for consolidation tests
maximum load:  
5 kN (1250 kN/m² with 40 cm² sample area)
maximum shear force:  
2 kN
shear rate: 
0,001 .. 10 mm/min
maximum shear path: 
21 mm
settlement measurement: 
12,5 mm, 1 µm resolution (with dial gauge)
operating pressure:  
3,5 bar
power supply:  
90 .. 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
dimensions (WxDxH): 
350 x 350 x 550 mm (B x T x H)
approx. 53 kg
(load frame approx. 32 kg, shear-box approx. 21 kg)