ELS50 & ELS60 - Universal Testing Machine

Triaxial testing, Uniaxial testing, Unidimensional compression tests,  CBR- and Marshall-tests. (optional: tensile testing)

Standards: DIN EN ISO 17892-5 • DIN EN ISO 17892-7 • DIN EN ISO 17892-8 • DIN EN ISO 17892-9 • EN 13286-47 • TP BF-StB Part B 7.1 • ASTM D 2435 / 4546 • BS 1377

The ELS50 and ELS60 laboratory test presses are equipped with an electromechanical precision drive for load, displacement and speed-controlled tests. It's used for performing Unconfined compression test, CBR-tests and Consolidation tests. With appropriate installation accessories, triaxial tests can be performed in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17892.

The combination of fully retractable load stamps and slide rails on the table top makes ist easy to install heavy triaxial cells. The triaxial cell is simply placed on the table top and pushed towards the load stamp until it stops. The cell is centered fully automatically.

Tensile tests (extension tests) can also be carried out as an option.


  • Fully retractable thrust plate in the top table with slide rails for easy loading with heavy test cells
  • intuitive operation and easy handling with 4,3” touch screen with separate function keys and haptics
  • high speed multi-core-system with bus coupling, high resolution closed-loop controller with 1 ms sampling time
  • precision electromechanical drive for closed-loop load-, displacement-, speed- and stiffness-controlled testing
  • precise settlement measurement with digital dial gauge, resolution 10 µm and 1 µm
  • electronic load and stroke limitation to prevent sensor damages
  • manual adjustment of the thrust plate
  • changeable load sensors with automatic detection of the measurement range to adapt different test parameters
  • measurement of a external analog signal (e.g. pore pressure sensor and temperature sensors)
  • serial interface for PC-controlled testing with data logging using a standard-PC with the software GeoDESC

available Accessories:

  • several load cells (1 kN, 2 kN, 5 kN, 10 kN, 20 kN, 25 kN, 50 kN)
  • digital dial gauges with measurement ranges from 12,5 mm up to 60 mm, resolution 10 µm and 1 µm
  • external sensors, e.g. pore pressure sensors for triaxial testing
  • accessories for uniaxial testing and unidimesional compression testing (oedometer cells)
  • equipment for triaxial testing (triaxial cells, pressure generator, ...)
maximum load: 
50 kN (compression), optinal: 60 kN
drive system: 
maximum traverse distance: 
150 mm
settlement measurement: 
max. 60 mm, resolution 1 µm (depending on dial gauge)
test speed: 
0 .. 50 mm/min (in steps of 0,1 µm/min)
setup speed: 
100 mm/min
sample compartment: 
350 x 300 mm (W x H); hight is customer specific
serial, RS232
power supply: 
230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
dimensions (WxDxH): 
600 x 550 x 1600 mm
for triaxial testing H = 1800 mm
approx. 130 kg